Extend the life of your carpets

At ProKleen Carpet & Upholstery Care, Inc., we strive to satisfy all of our customers with our carpet cleaning services. Therefore, while our primary focus remains on our residential carpet cleaning services, we also provide the same high-quality cleaning services to our customers who own or rent commercial space for their business in the Raleigh area within fifteen miles of our company base in Garner, North Carolina.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services

From groggy early morning coffee spills to dirt from a spilled potted plant, messes happen frequently in a commercial building where many bustling employees are crowded into one space. We understand that stains in these commercial spaces can accumulate quickly, on and off the carpet. Therefore, we offer a variety of cleaning services to our commercial customers in order remove as many stains as possible from their place of business and return it to its former pristine, professional appearance. Our commercial cleaning services include:

Carpet & Area Rug Cleaning

Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Wood Floor Cleaning

Wood Floor Cleaning

Tile Floor Cleaning

Tile & Stone Cleaning

Common questions

Our commercial carpet cleaning services work a little differently than our residential cleaning services. If you are a new customer entirely or have only used our residential cleaning services before, there is some important information you should know. Of course, our team of expert carpet cleaners use the same safe, environmentally friendly cleaning products and techniques for our commercial jobs as we do in homes. The before-cleaning preparation and carpet cleaning and dry times for our commercial cleaning services also remain the same; please visit our Residential page on this website to find out more about these processes.

However, the rooms and hallways in the commercial office buildings, restaurants, and churches that we service often differ from the standard size of those in most residential homes. Therefore, we price our commercial carpet cleaning services based on separate areas of up to three hundred square feet, which we consider the average size of a standard room. If an area is between three hundred and six hundred square feet, we price it as two standard areas. Areas such as hallways, closets, or bathrooms are considered non-standard and are priced independently of the other areas. We understand that the size of the commercial spaces we service will vary and have adjusted our pricing model accordingly to make things easier on our customers.

Why choose us

We understand that the appearance of the place from which our customers run their business can have a great impact on the success of their company. With that in mind, our team of expert carpet cleaners take our commercial jobs just as seriously as our residential services. To ensure that our valued customers’ businesses always looks clean and professional, we dedicate extensive time and energy to providing them with safe, thorough, first-rate commercial carpeting cleaning services.

If you are have questions about our commercial cleaning services or would like to hire us, please contact us using the information on this website. We will be happy to discuss all of your concerns and needs and get you started on the path to a clean commercial space.